One Night Boarding Stay 


 Indoor/Outdoor Run

Additional Dog Per Room 

$25 / night

Limit 2 dogs per room with the exception of small dogs 

30+ Day Long-Term Stay

$ 37/ night

10% off entire stay

Full Day Daycare

$25 / day

Each Additional Dog / family $15

Kennel Food

$5 per meal

 House Mix

Half-Day Daycare 

$15/ day

 (under 3 hrs) per dog

(Pup Cups)


Homemade pup-friendly ice cream treats

Boarding Bath

$20 and up

Required after stay longer than 3 days

Peanut Butter treats


Kong-filled peanut butter treats

Pool Rental

1/2hr $30- 1hr $40

Limit 2 dogs per hour 

Additional pup in the pool


Only applies after the first 2 dogs

Private Dock Diving/ Swimming lessons

1/2 hr $35- 1 hr $55

Limit 2 dogs per training session



All dogs receiving any services from DWR must submit proof of up to date, Bordetella, Rabies and DHLPP vaccines before services can be rendered.

We highly recommend discussing with your Veterinarian what the best option would be for flea and tick preventatives. 

All dogs are body checked and subject to flea baths before entering.


 All humans must complete a client information sheet and sign their services agreement prior to services being rendered.

To ease the first check in process, we are happy to email you the agreements prior to drop off. Please ask when booking your reservation!


Our trained staff can administer medications during your pet’s stay if it is needed. You must provide detailed instructions, vet contact info and let us know specifically what condition the medications are for.


Not all dogs are cut out for our services! We keep constant open communication with our pet parents and only want what is best and safest for your pups; We understand sometimes that isn't us.

Due to this we provide evaluation days before your pups stay at a discount! Ask us for more information when booking your first reservation!