Please bring a copy of your dog’s most recent vaccine records or email us at [email protected]

Dog Boarding

Short Term and Long Term Boarding available

DogWalker Ranch offers our clients climate controlled indoor runs with secure outdoor access. All of our runs include an oversized doggie door, so your dog has the freedom to go in and out as they please.  

Our facility is supervised 24/7 by kennel staff  living on-site,
we offer our clients the peace of mind of knowing someone is always showing your pet the same love that we give our own! 

Each run includes an elevated cot as well as steel water and food bowls and a bed/blankets.
We suggest you bring your dog’s food proportioned in Ziplocs and enclosed in a sealable container. (plus some treats!)

You are encouraged to bring your dog’s favorite treat and toy to help make them feel more at home during their stay. 

We also offer discounted evaluation days to help your pup practice before boarding!

We welcome all breeds at DogWalker Ranch and want all our clients to feel like family. 

Dog Daycare

Social and Private Play available

Any dog not spayed or neutered is still welcome at DogWalker Ranch, they just may be restricted during socialized group play during their stay. We will be sure to provide them extra attention from our staff during solo play.

Our staff take groups of dogs out to play based on size and temperament to ensure that each dog’s health and safety is the top priority. Other enrichment throughout the day also includes: fetch, water play, basic manners (ie gate control and recall), peanut butter kongs, etc.